Installation at 18Broadway

Monday June 7 marks the first installation of this sculpture series. It was 97 degrees and sunny and the bees weren’t happy waiting in my truck (I had the air conditioner running) but now they are finally settled at their new site. They have the city’s best view of the new Kauffman Performing Arts Center. […]

Out-of-town visitors

Today I had the good fortune of meeting Rich Wieske and Joan Mandell (on the right). They were honored guests at this year’s annual Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association “Funday” event in Lawrence Kansas. Rich and Joan are partners in Green Toe Gardens, which is a community-based apiary in Michigan. Today they keep around 100 hives […]

Just add bees

Now that the hive is done my friend Brad Nicholson comes over to help transfer the bees from their temporary hive to the new one. The swarm I caught has only been in there for a month but has already filled the frames I gave them as well as the rest of the empty space. […]

Inner chamber

To increase ventilation I decide to add a bottom entrance. Here I am using a router and jig to cut this from the inner wood wall. I am using wood for the interior because it will not cause as much condensation to form in the warm humid environment of the hive. Good ventilation and nice […]


Perched by this driveway, this swarm waits while its scout bees look for a new place to live. Somewhere in the area is a robust colony of bees that outgrew their home and sent their queen and half of the colony packing. Leaving behind some queen cells ready to hatch and enough worker bees to […]

Breaking ground

On a cold and misty day we finally begin digging the hole for the substantial concrete footing required for the post. It’s getting deep! Loading up with concrete. Filling the hole. Leveling wet concrete Anchor bolts installed I can now check on the post.

Heat tests

On one of the last really hot days of 2010 I set up the hive for a day of tests. Using several mirrors to reflect the blazing sun on the hive, I was able to raise the temperature of the outside wall high enough that I couldn’t touch it. Pictured above is a thermometer displaying […]

Test hive fabrication

I hired Dimensional Innovations to fabricate parts for my test hive. Above you can see one of their Corian craftsmen hand cutting the pieces. I will check to see how the parts fit and then perform a field test to see how the insulating double wall design stands up to some intense sun and heat.

Old school

At a recent beekeepers association meeting I took this shot of an old fashioned hive made from a hollow log. These are called Bee Gums, named after the gum trees often used to make them. When bees were kept this way the whole colony was sometimes destroyed to harvest the honey. This style of hive […]

Natural comb width

One of my conventional hives was one frame short so, the bees filled the void with natural comb. When given the option to build their honeycomb on plastic foundation or in open space the bees will avoid the manmade foundation. Assuming they know best I will build my frames without foundation. Once I pulled the […]