Swarm at Fed Ex

On May 17th I got a call from a Fed Ex driver telling me about a swarm on one of the trucks in the ground transportation yard. There was a lot of vigorous waggle dancing going on by the scouts. After returning home with the swarm I installed the bees into a HAVEN hive. The […]


  Due to a mild winter, swarm season started very early this spring. Here is a shot of a swarm I collected on Easter. The swarm is moving in to the HAVEN hive. Some of  the worker bees stand at the entrance and fan their wings to spread the queen’s scent. This helps guide all […]


Once up on the ladder I was able to get a photo of the propolis curtain wall the bees made to reduce their entrance size for the winter. I am interested to see if they open it up again in the summer. I modified a hunting ladder to fit on HAVEN’s post. This gives me […]

Lakeside Nature Center

Speaking at the Lakeside Nature Center.

Kansas City Art Institute

Speaking to students at the Kansas City Art Institute.

New York trip / American Museum of Natural History

I met with AMNH staff in August and was invited to return to address the New York Entomological Society. The lecture  was well attended and I really enjoyed connecting with so many people interested in bee ecology. That morning I met with Liz Johnson (manager of the Metropolitan Biodiversity Program, American Museum of Natural History’s […]

Spot on NBC action news

NBC sent a camera crew over to get some footage of the dedication event and ran this spot later that day. http://www.nbcactionnews.com/dpp/lifestyle/beehive-sculpture-in-kansas-city-has-community-buzzing

KCUR radio interview with Steve Kraske

I had the honor of being on Up to Date with Steve Kraske on KCUR (the Kansas City NPR affiliate station). Very fun! Scroll to minute 42 to listen to my segment of the podcast: http://kcurstream.umkc.edu/UTD/UTD_6-10-2011.mp3 x

Honey Queen

  Check it out! That is the Missouri State Honey Queen Lillian-Grace Misko. She heard about the dedication ceremony and asked if I wanted her to bring an observation frame. She was great. More than a couple little girls there were mesmerized by seeing a real queen.