Installation at 18Broadway

Monday June 7 marks the first installation of this sculpture series. It was 97 degrees and sunny and the bees weren’t happy waiting in my truck (I had the air conditioner running) but now they are finally settled at their new site. They have the city’s best view of the new Kauffman Performing Arts Center. Feel free to stop by and visit anytime.

It was a hot day and at first I resisted wearing my suit but the bees were a little upset after being cooped up in their hive and driven across town. Better safe than sorry, especially at this height.

Time to let the bees out.

I’m installing radiant insulation material to fill the air gap between the Corian exterior and wood interior. Hopefully this will allow the hive to be placed in any climate. This location will be a great test since the hive is on a hilltop with no shade and is exposed to the blazing summer sun and winter wind.

I am bolting the hive to the post’s steel platform.

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  1. Really amazing installation piece!

    The DST Garden will be on the Kansas City Urban Farms & Gardens Tour on June 25 and 26th, you can get information at and, for those of you interested in urban beekeeping, Bob Burns will be doing an “Urban Beekeeping 101” workshop on June 19, 2-4pm as part of a whole ten days of pre-tour workshops, talks and films on urban agriculture.

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