Old school

At a recent beekeepers association meeting I took this shot of an old fashioned hive made from a hollow log. These are called Bee Gums, named after the gum trees often used to make them. When bees were kept this way the whole colony was sometimes destroyed to harvest the honey. This style of hive […]

Natural comb width

One of my conventional hives was one frame short so, the bees filled the void with natural comb. When given the option to build their honeycomb on plastic foundation or in open space the bees will avoid the manmade foundation. Assuming they know best I will build my frames without foundation. Once I pulled the […]

Must See

PBS made a great documentary titled, “Silence of the Bees,” which aired on Nature. You can watch the full episode at that link, and I strongly recommend it. So much information is compiled into such a watchable special.